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Copyright Services

Copyright is a right given to authors, artists and creators for protection of their works such as literary and artistic creations namely, novels, newspapers, advertisements, poems, plays, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, architecture, computer programs, databases, films, musical compositions, choreography, maps and technical drawings. Related rights that cover rights similar to those of copyright, although sometimes more limited and for short duration. The beneficiaries of related rights are performers in their performances, producers of phonograms in their sound recordings and broadcasting organizations in their radio and television programs.

Service Includes

  • Preparation of the Necessary Documents such as Power of Attorney; User Affidavit

  • Filing the Copyright Application Online

  • Responding to Discrepancy Notice issued by the Copyright Registry

  • Appearing Hearings

  • Copyright Opposition

Your Challenges. Our Solutions

Don’t know if you must file a Trademark, Copyright or Patent? What are the differences between the three? How do you use these protections effectively? Is your idea worth filing a patent for? Indus Pacific has all the answers and support you need. Contact us today to identify the right solution.

IP Portfolio Solutions For Startups

A startup can be very demanding. A quality Intellectual Property Portfolio can result in attracting the much desired financial funding. Indus Pacific has right skills and expertise to assist you in creating Patent and Trademark assets. Contact ustoday to know more about our Startup support services. Relevant Markets. Relevant Countries.

Patent Infringement And Patent Licensing

You may be caught totally unaware. You may be infringing someone’s patent portfolio. Someone may be infringing your patent portfolio. Indus Pacific has expertise in finding right solutions to such challenges. Contact usto know more potential infringements detection and licensing strategies.

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