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Design Search & Analytics

Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction (as in structural outlines, building illustrations, business forms, circuit charts, and sewing patterns) .Design has diverse implications in various fields. In some cases, the direct construction of an object (as in engineering, management, coding and graphic) is also considered to utilize configuration considering.

Designing often requires thinking about the aesthetic, functional, economic and sociopolitical measurements of both the design object and design process. It might include significant research, thought, displaying, intuitive change, and re-outline. In the mean time, diverse kinds of objects may be designed, including clothing, graphical user interfaces, products, skyscrapers, corporate identities, business processes, and even methods or processes of designing.

Design is based on the several components are like ,what we see, sense, visually select, and perceive as we look at graphic design , paintings, photography, Typography, and computers. Examples of design elements are: line, shape, frame, space, esteem, surface, and shading.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions

Don’t know if you must file a Trademark, Copyright or Patent? What are the differences between the three? How do you use these protections effectively? Is your idea worth filing a patent for? Indus Pacific has all the answers and support you need. Contact us today to identify the right solution.

IP Portfolio Solutions For Startups

A startup can be very demanding. A quality Intellectual Property Portfolio can result in attracting the much desired financial funding. Indus Pacific has right skills and expertise to assist you in creating Patent and Trademark assets. Contact us today to know more about our Startup support services. Relevant Markets. Relevant Countries.

Patent Infringement And Patent Licensing

You may be caught totally unaware. You may be infringing someone’s patent portfolio. Someone may be infringing your patent portfolio. Indus Pacific has expertise in finding right solutions to such challenges. Contact us today to know more potential infringements detection and licensing strategies.

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